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Author: Phil Crowder

This is this weekend…Fri 26th Jan. Thought, if you are looking then maybe this is a good idea, it’s actually the email we send out to the customers on our email list, so yes you are kinda privileged!… but at least in the know!. Well here we go, I feel like “that’s it”, Christmas and New Year are well and truly over and onward we go!.. We have quite a few things lined up, Valentine’s is just around the corner as is Mothers Day and on top of our regular monthly Quiz we have signed up to the ‘Worlds...

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Worlds Largest Pub Quiz – 4th March ’18

We should do this we said…. Why not join the Worlds Largest Pub Quiz so we did and the date we have chosen is Sunday 4th March…9pm Sunday’s always a good day!. We have chosen Prostate Cancer as our Charity I do hope you can join us and help make this a successful night Once again Big Mike will be the Quiz Master…coz he’s good at...

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