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[quote_left author=”” profession=””]All the Draught Beers are Scottish…NOT just the Real Ales!
You want to try them all, then go for the Tasting Pint…[/quote_left]

[quote_left]The Forth Inn Bar is an institution, and undoubtedly the Beer is the star of this well-stocked country inn’s bar. Every pint of the regularly changing real ales is lovingly kept and perfectly poured, whether accompanying a plate of freshly cooked pub-food, or on a summer’s afternoon spent in the beer garden.[/quote_left]

Many years ago, as the story goes..

When we took over around 15yrs ago it was Scottish Brewers that was on tap. When knew then it was a little restrictive but at that point Real Ales were not in vogue, in fact very few pubs in this area did them. So we introduced Belhaven. Since then we have taken Cider off the bar…Magners put paid to that, but now we have arguably the best Cider we have ever had, it’s in bottles and it’s called Thistly Cross…it’s amazing. We replaced Cider with a Real Ale, wow was it a success, now we have 4 and they go like hot cakes when its busy.

The “coup d’├ętat” not in the military sense! is that the Ales are now prominant and point toward the future, if we could have more we would.

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Anyway, here’s another story arguably about the most wonderful person to have graced our doors. Easily the best person to have worked here. “Mrs Wallace” a legend. She worked in the Forth Inn for around 30yrs. We loved her so much we renamed the bar after her. “The Wallace Bar” she’s still kicking around and usually comes in on a Wednesday.

Well as the story goes, she went into the post office looking for a stamp but it was 5.01pm were shut said the assistant, but I only want a stamp, were shut, we close at 5.

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Several weeks later the assistant come into the bar, enjoys a great evening, at time Mrs Wallace duly ring the bell “time gentlemen please” guess who asks for another drink, only the assistant from the post office……”Remember the Stamps” was the reply….it was about 30 years ago, and as Simon Mayo would say “you are forgiven Mrs Wallace, but a great story”.

On occassion we do “food with” weeks and one of the weeks usually is a food with beer week, we’re asking you to remember that beer was the original accompanyment to food particularly in Scotland (where grapes don’t grow that easily!), you can be sure to find a pint of our Scottish cask ale to go with whatever your eating, some of them may even be in the meal, have a good look at the evening menu…..enjoy

ps. if your wondering, yes we’re proud of what we do…that’s an invitation to come back anytime too.

Enough reading for now, have a look at what we have to offer in the bar..

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