Getting about here

Once you have got here how do you get about without using your car?

Around the Trossachs we are not blessed with a great network of bus routes, actually we are not blessed with a great deal of buses!

All is not lost, Stirling Council have come up with a system called Demand Responsive Transport or DRT as it’s known.

Basically you phone Striling Council (SC) book a DRT get picked up & dropped off where & when you want! Brilliant.

The journey can either connect with existing public transport or simply be to another destination within the DRT area… start making your walking plans now!

DRT Map Trossachs Area

Here’s the good bit..

You can use this service at the cost of a bus fare rather than a taxi fare and.. Scottish National Entitlement cards (Bus Passes to you & me) and Young Scots Cards are acceptable too.

Booking Arrangements

Phone: 01786 404040 or

How much would it be from Aberfoyle (The Forth Inn) to the Inversnaid Hotel?

Buchanan Cabs: If you book with Stirling Council a Drt , 01786 404040 before 15.00 the day before you travel it will cost you about £6 per person.
Or you can book a taxi and the cost would be about £30.
Hope this helps you

As you would imagine it has a few rules…

Strathard DRT (green area on map above) will be available on Mondays to Saturdays between 06:30 and 22:00. No service on 25-26 December or 01-02 January in any year.
Trossachs DRT (red area on map above) will be available on Mondays to Sundays between 06:30 and 22:00. No service on 25-26 December or 01-02 January in any year.
DRT Booking Line:

Let me explain the example at the side..

If you are on your own it’s a no-brainer go for the DRT it’s £6!

If you are 4 in Number, the DRT still works (£6x4= £24)

When you get to 5 and more, think about a Taxi, no Boooking required & when you get up to 8 No you make a substantial saving! Here’s the Number you need to do that.. Buchanan Cabs 01877 385666 ps Buchanan Cabs can take 8!

Let me give you a few examples of places you can get to & from that people have used in the past:

Forest Hills Hotel (people on holiday coming down to the Forth Inn)
(Tip of the Day) people often come down in the car & get a taxi/DRT back and the following day 1 person gets a DRT to pick up the car

Loch Katrine (to catch the steamship ss Sir Walter Scott)

Tigh Mor (more people on holiday as Forest Hills)

Stronachlachar Pier (to catch the steamship or walk the Great Trossachs Way & pick up a DRT at the other end (Trossachs Pier))

Inversnaid (to walk the West Highland Way or just to walk back to the village)

More Rules..

Booking Arrangements
Telephone bookings can be made on Mondays to Fridays 09:00-15:00, except 25-26 December and 01-02 January in any year. Bookings for Tuesdays to Saturdays must be made by 15:00 on the previous day. Bookings for Sundays and Mondays must be made by 15:00 on the previous Friday.
Bookings can be submitted online at any time, although requests submitted on a Saturday or Sunday or after 15:00 on a working day will be treated as having been received on the next working day. ‘Working day’ means any Monday to Friday other than 25-26 December and 01-02 January in any year.

If you require to cancel your DRT booking or make alternative arrangements phone
01786 404040 between 09:00 and 15:00 (Monday to Friday) or contact the operator directly out with these hours. Repeated cancellations without contacting the Council or operator will result in suspension of DRT services for the passenger. See operator details below:

Buchanan Cabs: 01877 385 666
J. Morgan Taxis: 01877 330 496
W. Millar (Trossachs only): 01786 850 639

Service Availability
The travel demands or prospective passengers will be met up to the level of driver and vehicle availability at the time requested. In the event that a prospective passenger’s demand cannot be met at the time requested, the passenger will be offered the nearest available journey time. Your journey may be shared with other passengers.

Pick up and set-down points
any location where it is safe to stop on adopted publicly-maintained roads wholly within the areas. A pickup point and time will be agreed when you pre-book.

Passengers pay the cost of a bus fare and Scottish National Entitlement Cards are accepted, as on bus services.

This is what all those letters on the map mean…

This Scheme covers adopted publicly-maintained roads wholly within the area bounded by: A – unclassified road on north shore of Loch Katrine at Glengyle House
B – A84 at Kilmahog, west of junction with A821
C – unclassified road at north end of Callander 30 mph area
D – A84 at east end of Callander 30 mph area E – B8032 at junction with B822
F – B826 at junction with A873
G – A84 at Blairdrummond Village Hall
H – A84 at Blairdrummond Safari Park road end I – Sommers Lane at junction with A84
J – B8075 at junction with A84
K – B8031 at junction with A873
L – B822 at south end of Thornhill 30 mph area M – B8034 at Port of Menteith jetty
N – B835 at junction with A81
O – A811 at Junction with A875
P – Balfron (Buchanan Street) at Junction with Dunmore Street Q – Unclassified road junction north of Ballochruin
R – A81 at junction with unclassified road at Balfron Station
S – Unclassified road junction near Dalmary
T – B829 at west end of Aberfoyle 30 mph area U – Inversnaid Pier
V – Stronachlachar Pier

1. No journeys are permitted wholly within the Callander 30 mph area, with the exception of journeys that start or finish at Callander Medical Centre
2. Through journeys can be to adjoining DRT areas.

We do hope this helps but if you have any questions or need a little more information, drop me an email or give us a phone, we are here to help.

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