Rock Rose Gin at The Forth Inn
Is there a moral in this story, well, I guess there is. Some Leopards will never change there spots so they say, but these Gins and more so, the ‘Craft Scottish Gins’ are here to stay for a while at least, so, you can leave the macho suit at home guys, these are not just for the girls!.
Gin Bothy at The Forth Inn
Gin! Right Place, Right time? “I don’t like Gin”. How many times have you heard that, especially when talking to a bloke? Well I’m here to tell you, that ‘Was Then’ & ‘This is Now’! Standing in the bar the other night, a group of us, mixed company, around one of the barrels that occupy the bar. I’d had enough beer and dinner was calling. “You want another pint” ‘no thanks’ blah blah ‘go on then I’ll have a Gin… a Martin Millers with Cucumber & a Fever Tree tonic’. The G&T was presented in a huge oversized glass, big pieces of cucumber loads of ice & just the Gin, tonic on the side for me to add the required amount, I did just that. Some of the comments were ‘choice’, as you can imagine, except one brave soul. “Lets have a taste then” – “Bloody hell, that’s really nice, not what I expected at all, might be tempted next time I’m in.” The drink was then passed around the barrel with everyone expressing similar approving comments.
Harris Gin at The Forth Inn
Here’s a Fact: In recent years, more than two-thirds of the UK’s total gin production has moved outside the capital, London – and more so, outside England altogether, to Scotland. Scotland is now at the heart of the British gin industry, some 70% of the Gin consumed in the UK is made in Scotland and a significant portion of that is now Scottish Craft Gin… so there! Enjoy.