Going over to the Dark Side

Going over to the Dark Side

Just for a change we thought it would be good to go over to the “Dark Side” for the remainder of March!.

Not literally the “Dark Side” but have available a selection of Dark brews for you to get your taste buds tantalised with some stunning beers.

So what have we got.. we’ve got one of each,
a Kegged Beer,
a Craft Beer
and a Real Ale….

Good effort we think.

The Dark side at The Forth Inn

Here you go, Sticking with our Scottish theme..

1. Our House Stout, Belhaven Black, I think it’s superb, in my opinion its better than the very popular Irish one!… when we first put it in a Landlord from Ireland said it tastes like the popular Irish one did 30 years ago, I couldn’t comment because I’m not that old!

2. A local brew, a “Real Ale” called Stronend Black IPA from the Fintry Brewery, nice, very nice indeed. This brewery is going from strength to strength, producing some excellent beers and they have come up trumps again with this one.

3. Another local brew this one is a “Craft Beer” called…. Wait for it…. “Nitro Engine” from Harviestoun Brewery just outside Stirling. This brewery just does not make bad beer. Enough said.

What does that leave us with

Food Pairing:

I would have any of these Dark Beers with something that is Meaty, like our Steak Pie or Spicy like the Chilli or the Haggis Burger but I don’t think you have to worry to much, in the past we have made Batter for our Fish & Chips using Stout and it pretty good!.

Tasting Pint:

Go on then, try the Tasting Pint with just the 3 Dark Beers for a treat before you settle on your Favourite!.

OK, here you go then … Try the Dark Beer Tasting Pint as a Meal Deal with our Steak Pie for £13.50

Beer & You!
Fintry - Stronend Black IPA
Harviestoun - Nitro Engine
A Statement!
Belhaven - Black Stout

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