We are quite proud of what we do at The Forth.

On the food front, we have a great menu which is supplemented with regular “Chefs Choices”.
We do food weeks ie National Pie Week, we do food nights ie Curry Night and we always have menus available for things like Mothers Day & Valentines etc.. and if you have any food requirements all you need to do is ask, if we can do it (and we usually can) we will do.

Directly below are the current Menus, click on them and they go large enough to Read & Print.

We supplement them with regular ‘Chefs Recommendations’… always something a bit special

Salmon - Forth Inn Style
Lunch Menu
Service @ The Forth Inn
Evening Menu
Kids Fish & Chips @ The Forth Inn
If you click on the images & menus they should get larger
If your just looking for a wee break and a cuppa well we do that too!

We have both Speciality Teas & Coffees all served from the bar.

Cakes & the Forth Inn
Tea & Cake @ The Forth Inn
On the drink front No-One, not any other business in this part of the world is offering what we do!.
A bold statement but it’s true.

A USP! (Unique Selling Point) We were the 1st pub in Scotland to introduce 1/3rd of a pint glasses and our tasting pint.

Another USP! We are the 1st pub in Scotland to ONLY sell Scottish Draught beers (just have a look in your local & see how many beers are from where you are…. bet you see an Irish one!)

That might sound like we are being a bit parochial but we are not.
When you have a consitstently superb offering right on your doorstep why would you go searching for something different? Plus and its a big plus, if you have just come from Australia and have spent $1000’s to get here do you really want to drink something you can get in your local at home?
It’s an experience, we rotate the Craft & Real Ales it’s something the locals look forward to, it’s our bit of theatre in the bar!

On the Beer side we have:

4 Kegged beers

5 Craft Beers &

3 Real Ales

Real Ale Guide - yes we are in it!
Black @ The Forth Inn
Cask Marque accredited Real Ales

(Did I mention – the only Pub in Aberfoyle to be accredited!)

Craft Ale @ The Forth Inn
Real Ales @ The Forth Inn
The rest as they say is a given…. Great Whisky selection, Wines available by the Bottle & Glass and a great Beer Garden when the weather permits!.
Whisky @ the Forth Inn
Wines @ The Forth Inn
Beer Garden @ The Forth Inn