Loudoun’s Regiment in Aberfoyle!

I’m not sure this is going to qualify for the blog post of the year, but one of the greatest pleasures in this game is that when everything comes together, it’s fantastic… so really that’s what this post is about because last night was one of those times.

The Earl of Loudoun’s Regiment of Foote’ were the guests for the evening; they are a group that participates in the accurate re-enactment of 17th Century life and Warfare. 

Anyway, some of them turned up here in Aberfoyle the night before to get flags in place and to generally set the room out as they wanted it. Lee did the rest the following day. The guys in the kitchen kept up the usual standards, with compliments all-round.

When the guests arrived in the evening looking ‘well splendent’ they quite literally then went on to have a ball. And then some.

Enjoy these pictures, they shown what a little imagination brings to the party and just what a fantastic room we have for such an event… it’s yours if you want to use it!.

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