Make a Date with The Six Nations

Make a Date with The Six Nations

I know, I know, we like to play Wales & France and of course Ireland & Italy BUT and it’s a BIG BUT this is the weekend we look forward to…. ENGLAND & The Calcutta Cup, get yourself down here… BIG ROOM, BIG TV, Big GAME & BIG FANS..!

The 6 Nations… This is a Big Major Event!

The 6 nations, it comes round once a year and its back again starting in February!

Last year was brilliant but this year with your help we want to make it better. You really do support the Rugby well so what can we do to make it better for you?

We will have the big games on in the BIG room and we will have the “Scrumdowner Sandwich” available too all we need is your support and suggestions!

The bar experts (Kiwi & Co) are telling me any team could win but to keep an eye on the Irish.

Rugby @ The Forth Inn
Great Forth Inn Sandwich
Great Rugby support @The Forth Inn

The real expert are saying..


“This England team is very strong – you must remember that before the World Cup we were all saying what a good young squad they had and were excited about the next generation”.

“They have a team that can compete for many years up to the 2019 World Cup.

“And with Eddie Jones in charge it is going to be up to the rest of the countries to try and stop them.

“But this is the beauty of our sport, one year you can be top of the tree and win everything, the next you can fall away.”


Wales finished runners up in 2016 – only losing one game, which came at Twickenham against England when their comeback fell just short.

But next year Betsen is adamant that it will not be Warren Gatland’s side that pose the biggest threat to England.


“Ireland are a young team, more experienced after this Championship I think they are going to be more of a threat in 2017 than Wales,” he added.

“The Welsh team is a bit older and they need to think about how they are going to reinvent themselves.


“Scotland have got a real intensity about them under Vern Cotter and I believe they could be the secret contender next year.

“They will have gained real belief from their victories this year.”


France’s new era under Guy Novès started brightly with victories over Italy and Ireland but they finished off the campaign with three defeats in a row.

Against England in the Stade de France however, Les Bleus showed signs that they were coming together and Betsen is hopeful that future is bright.

“The showing against England was definitely France’s best performance of the Championship”.

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