Pub Aid in The Trossachs

When I wrote the title I thought that sounds like an illness!
It’s not ‘Pub Aid’ as in helping a pub in The Trossachs – Pub Aid are the organisers and the aid is coming from within the pubs, that would be you and us!.
You know we try, some would say we are very trying!
So far this year we have done a reasonable amount of what we like to call ‘extracurricular stuff’ for our local community, we want to do more.
For this night however, we are broadening our horizons.
Now then, the quizzlings amongst us will know that for the past two years we have hosted a Charity night organised by ‘Pub Aid’.  We have passed a bucket round (well a collection can) and raised a few quid, last year we also sold lapel badges for Prostate Cancer… all in all, a very worthy cause.
This year seems a bit different, no less or more worthy but different. ‘Action Against Hunger‘ go on have a read, it’s worth it.

Anyway it’s come round again, this year it’s on Thursday March the 12th – it splits our monthly quiz superbly and gives you another excuse to come down to the pub!

So what do you think, can we try to make it a great turn out? and raise a few quid for those less fortunate, and while doing so help put The Trossachs on the map?
ps Mike with his quiz masters head-on, says not to blame him for the questions. They came in an envelope!
Look forward to seeing you.

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