Quiz Nights Down The Pub

What makes a Pub quiz special?

No Mobile Phones allowed… in today’s society, that’s a good start!.

How Often are they:

Many pubs hold pub quizzes regularly. 

We host a quiz once a month. Maybe it’s a location thing. We have found that too many leads to people staying away ‘there’ll be one next week’ kind of thing, so once a month is regular enough for us, and it’s usually on the last Sunday of the Month.


One of the most enjoyable features of a pub quiz is the players’ loyalty. A pub quiz is a competitive event where teams form and compete against each other. Teams can be as small as two or as large as ten. 

The pub quiz is a great way to bring a group together and make new friends. This type of event is great for socializing and building community. One of the reasons that pub quizzes are so important is that they can help fill a social void. In smaller communities like ours, they can help bring companionship to some.

What to look out for:

The questions on a pub quiz must be interesting and challenging, and you’ll want to ensure you include a balance of easier and harder options.

Teams also assign themselves a name based on anything; it’s about fun.

A consistent format and structure will encourage more people to participate and ensure that the quiz is fun and competitive. 

We prefer team-style games over individual-style quizzes, and they usually feature a similar format each month, including a picture-led round. 

Pub quizzes have evolved from a simple game to a serious test of knowledge. The competition can get intense, but it’s still a great way to engage in friendly competition; they also allow you to learn a few obscure facts!


September 25th

Free Entry

Donation to a Local Cause please

see below

Sept 25th from 9PM

A Result:

A pub quiz must have all the right ingredients to be a success, and participants will stay after the quiz to compare their scores and chat if it works. 

Win-Win. Happy quizzing!

Is there a charge for entry:

No entry fee here. 

We ask for a voluntary donation which goes to a local good cause. To be honest, Aberfoyle Village People are usually the beneficiaries. The usual host, Big Mike, puts the quiz together, and he also works hard with AVP to bring many events and good times to the village. A worthy cause.



Traditionally, we have given ‘many’ bottles of wine away to the winners over the years. However, and from now, a more novel idea is for the winning team to get a bar tab with ‘winning vouchers’; it is a great incentive to bring friends. 

Full Calendar

Always handy to have… what on!

September 22 – Quiz Night

Sep 28th from 9pm

October 22 – Quiz Night

Oct 30th from 9pm

November 22 – Bonfire Night

Nov 5th 

November 22 – Quiz Night

Nov 27th from 9pm

Christmas Menu Available

Dec 7th –  Dec 23rd

Christmas 22 Quiz Night

Dec 18th from 9pm

Do you know we have a christmas menu available & it’s only september!

We have another page on this site specifically about Christmas 22